• María Amparo León Sánchez Universidad de Pinar del Río
  • Manuel Aldeguer Universidad de Alicante


logistic regression, demarcation line, coastline, sand dunes


The spanish Coastal Law of 1988 recognizes included in the coastal definition, dunes chains that are in development, moving o r
evolution due to the action of the sea or the sea wind, and those fixed by the vegetation to the extent that is necessary to ensure
stability of the beach and coastal defense. This definition applied to the coastal dunes makes that the exercise of coastline delimitation and subsequent milestonement of the public domain be full of subjectivity, which generates helplessness by the owner of the adjacent soil while putting at risk the effective protection of the coastline dune ecosystem. The coastline dune system is an ecosystem of edges that supposes the maritime-continental transition and therefore factors that characterize must be directly related to the sea, and their values related to the degree of proximity to water. The belonging to this ecosystem, and therefore to the maritime – terrestrial zone, must be linked to the point where it is considered that the marine influence has fallen below a specific value according to who is closest to the sea. Values of several factors have been measured which are considered specially representative of the sea -shore dune system, following a perpendicular sequence to the seaside, and a logistic regression has been applied to these series, finding satisfactory results which provide to situate specific points, at varying distances depending on the area, but practiced at shorter distances and together, would determinate an objective line of demarcation. The factors whose values have been applied regression have been considered to be less variable with specific circumstances; the series dunegrass plants (present in a sequence of squares) characteristics of the geographical region to the south of the Alicante province, in the southeastern Spain. The result that situate a point from which the soil is "outside" the public domain has also a support on legal criteria, maintained according to the situation inside or outside the maritime domain of land in the Ebro delta


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